Friday, December 12, 2008

Fat People Are Harder To Kidnap

Greetings Fellow Runners

I went out on my weekly long run last night to cover a distance of 13.1 miles (or a half marathon). The run started out great and I was feeling super. At around 2 miles in it did start a light sprinkle and was getting very large gusts of wind comming right at me (nothing like hard winds pushing rain onto your face making it hard to even look upward) Luckily, the rain and wind gusts only lasted about a mile or so. After that I was feeling great, and my times at each mile were looking equally as good. I then ran by Hercules fencing on Maricamp. Most people know this place by there interesting quotes on their sign out front. Last night there were two more that were odd and funny. The first one (which was the title of this blog in case the title had anyone confused) was "Fat people are harder to kipnap" and the second one was "Many husband go broke from the money their wives save on sales". These were some interesting quotes that both gave me a little bit of a needed chuckle about 5-6 miles into my run.

At about 7 miles in, things started to get a little worse. My stomach really started to hurt and I needed to use the restroom. After about another mile, I finally ran upon a gas station or my my mind thought about it at this point, "a life saver". Ten minutes later, I was back on the road and was feeling good again.

About a half a mile later, I was running on the shoulder of the road. Apparently, there was a part of the shoulder that was uneven but it was dark outside and I could not tell. My feet got tripped up on this, I twisted my ankle, and then BOTH of my feet flew up about 90 degrees and my entire body was airborne at about waist high. My body fell quickly as I landed directly in the road right on my hand, hip, and shoulder. Man was I hurting here!! After shaking this off for about 30-60 seconds, I knew I had to finish my run even though I still had a good 4-5 miles left to run. I obviously was not running as fast as I was prior to my fall, but all felt OK (or maybe I was just telling myself this as my ankle and hip were both hurting like hell. I kept going though and was gonna finish this thing (not that I had much choice as I forgot my cell phone at home). At around the 12 mile mark I was going into the home stretch and was ready to finish this thing off. I turned a corner, and in the dark I could not see what was in front of me. To my suprise, I ran right through the middle of a huge puddle that was at least a good 6 inches deep. Nothing like running with soaking wet shoes and socks for the last mile of a not so pleasent run! Eventually, I finally got home and my adventure was over. I finished my 13.1 miles in a time of 2:07:18. Not to shabby of a time I felt for having everything happen that did to me. I hope I am well on my way of reaching my 1:59:59 goal I have set for myself at the Ocala Half Marathon on February 1st.

Run Stats

Distance - 13.1 Miles
Time - 2:07:18
Avg. Pace - 9:43 Min/Mile
Speed - 6.17 MPH
Cal Burned - 1,500

Hope you enjoyed the adventure

Til Next Time

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Attack of the Dogs

Greetings Fellow Runners

Well, yesterday was going to be my LSD run day. Howvwer, when getting ready to go out, I could not find any of my running shorts that had pockets (I need pockets during long runs for my Sport Beans and my cell phone). So, without them I decided to go out on a shorter run instead and move back my long run to Wednesday or Thursday.

My run yesterday was a course I have done numerous times and is what I basicly call my "dump run" as I do an out and back course that simply goes from my house out to the dump, and back home totaling 7 miles.

The first 4 miles was going great. Had perfect weather, was super relaxed, and listening to Phedippidations episode #164. However at around the 4 mile mark, I was encountered by a large dog (somewhere around 80 lbs or so). This dog was NOT happy to see me. He came running towards me and was barking up a storm. Once he got a little closer to me, he came to a stop and started growling at me. I obviously had came to a stop at this point. I realized that my blinking safety light did not seem to be helping me get rid of this dog so I turned it off. I started walking VERY slowly to get away from the dog and luckily after about 2-3 minutes I heard someone open their house door and yell at the dog, and he quickly turned and ran back to the house. Now that my heart rate was through the roof, I continued my run, and turned my light back on. With my mind going crazy from the encounter with the dog, I somehow missed a road that I needed to turn on to. Wanting to keep my distance at 7 miles with an accurate time though, I decided to stop my clock and walk back to the road and equally that many steps down the next road (was about 190 steps each way)

The run was finally getting to an end when I ran upon ANOTHER dog. This one was actually in my own neighborhood, but I did not recognize him. He was right at the corner of where the road curves and was barking at me from the other side of the street while giving me the stare down. I decided once again to turn my light off, and I cut through the yard on the corner and slowly made my way past him before sprinting it in home to finish my run.

My finishing stats were:

Distance - 7.05 Miles
Time - 59:26
Avg Pace - 8:25 Min/Miles
speed - 7.12 MPH
Cal Burned - 807

Well hopefully next run my heart can relax a little more and I can run fog free.

Til Next Time

Monday, December 8, 2008

31st Annual Reindeer Run

Greetings Fellow Runners

I ran in Ocala's 31st annual Reindeer Run on Saturday evening, and to put it nicely, I did HORRIBLE. I finished in a time of 25:55 (PATHETIC). Sadly though, I did finish in 3rd place in my age group (man my age group must have been bad this year) I finished in 3rd in the Male 25-29 year old group out of 8 runners, 138th out of 225 males, and 173rd overall out of 413 runners

My mind was just not in the race as it was totally on the SEC Championship Game in which the Gators beat the Tide and secured a spot in the BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. I also got a VERY VERY BAD side stitch at about the 2 mile mark and it went horrible from there. I guess at this point I have better luck on longer runs.

We did have a lot of phone at the race though as were being stupid and doing group pictures of us all.

Oh well, I shall do better on the next race on January 24th as I run the Daytona 5K directly on the Daytona International Speedway.

Til Next Time.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Long Time no Blog!

Greetings Fellow Runners!

Long time no blog!

Sorry for the delay since my last blog. I have just not gotten around to it lately.
I also want to get my running back up. Lately, all that I have been running was my one weekly long run.

My November totals ended up being
Total Runs - 8 (that is pitiful)
Total Distance - 71.4 miles
Avg. Speed - 6.3 MPH
Avg. Mile Pace - 9:33 (Remember these were mostly all long runs only)
Cal. Burned - 8,171

Well I did get out for my long run yesterday to get December started out.
Yesterday's Run

Distance - 11.18 miles
Time - 1:51:10
Pace - 9:56 min/mile
Speed - 6.03 MPH
Cal Burned - 1280

Yesterdays run was a nice run. At the begining of the run I was COLD!!! But after going about 1.5-2 miles my body was plenty warm enough and felt great the rest of the entire run. I will emphasize that Jelly Belly Sport Beans sure do wonders to get me through these long runs!

I now am getting ready for my big weekend. This weekend (Saturday) includes the 31st annual Ocala Reindeer Run which is ran down Silver Springs Blvd on the path of the Ocala Christmas Parade and takes place right before it starts. This is a 5K run that is great with awesome fan interaction as the ENTIRE course is lined with tons of spectators. The other nice thing about this run, is that it is so different then every other 5K because 1) it has like no turns. It is pretty much run 1.55 miles out, turnaround and come back. and 2) Unlike every other race, this one starts at 5PM so I do not have to wake up at the crack of dawn for it.

How ironic is it though that even though I love an evening race, this is the 1 time that I wish it was a morning run as it takes place at the same time as the SEC Championship game between my beloved Florida Gators and the Alabama Crimson Tide. This is a HUGE game as it not only will determine the SEC Champion, but also, odds are very good that the winner will be playing on Jan 8 in Miami, FL in the NATIONAL TITLE GAME !!!! So unfortunatly I will miss a good amount of this game (Even though i am TIVOing it)

All righty, well I better wrap this thing up now as I am at work

Til Next Time (which hopefully is not as long as the last time I said that)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Fridays (short) Run

Greetings Fellow Runners!

Friday tends to be my shorter run day as I get out of work earlier then norm, so I come home and do a "short" run before I go pick up Aaron from daycare.

Run Stats

Distance - 4.52 Miles
Time - 38:08
Pace - 8:26 Min/Mile
Cal Burned - 517

WEEKLY TOTAL - 31.04 Miles

Again, as I said, Friday tends to be my short run day based on time available to run.
Not much else to say on this days boring post other then as always it was a nice enjoyable run with great weather. I ended my Run getting ready for the Gator game on Saturday vs Vanderbilt where they could clinch the SEC East title and hope to move up in the BCS.

(As it turns out, not only did UF win 42-14 and win the SEC East, but Penn St got beat also. This moved UF to #4 in the latest BCS and got rid of another undefeated to help improve their odds of making the title game in Miami this year!)

Here is the run details

Til Next Time

Friday, November 7, 2008

Thursday Night

Thursday Night Run Stats

Distance - 7.03 Miles
Time - 1:00:43
Pace - 8:38 Min/Mile
Cal Burned - 805

Greetings Fellow Runners!

Well last night I went ahead and ran the identical course to what I ran on Wednesday night. I will say I was pretty consistent. For a seven mile run last nights run was 15 seconds faster then the night befores run.

Again this was a very nice and relaxing run for me and the weather has been super for me lately. I am anxiously getting ready for my first ever half on February 1.

My iPod was tuned to Phedippidations episode 25 "Revolutions and Resolutions" from 1/1/2006.

Maybe one day I can get some fellow members of my Central Florida 5Klub to slowly increase their distances and they can sometime go out for a longer run with me.

During my run, I was thinking about how at work everybody was saying how you can not "relax" when at work. I feel that I am about the only one there whom does not agree with this. I do not get overly stressed (I barely get stressed at all except for when I am watching my beloved Gators play) I know they all think I am crazy, but I think they too could have a little less stress in their day if they would just take up running. Running more then anything seems to both relax the mind and energize the body. Well that is enough philosophy from me for the day

Til Next Time

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wednesday Run

Greetings Fellow Runners!

Here are my Daily Run stats

Distance - 7.03 Miles
Time - 1:00:58
Pace - 8:40 Min/Mile
Cal Burned - 805

Well I went out for a 7 mile run last night. It was a simple out and back course that went from my house out towards the dump and back.

On this run I listened to Phedippidations episode 22 "Gadgets & Gizmos".

I am still learning that I am really enjoying these night runs as they are very peaceful, especially when you combine it with this beautiful weather that we have been having. The worst part about this run was the smell. The smell from the dump was a lot worse then normal. I guess this must be due to the weather getting colder or something, Who knows. Really, all my mind was thinking about on this run was how great it felt to be out there, and how I really do need to start increasing my mileage to about 25 miles per week (at least). Also, I did spend some time thinking at least Obama said 1 thing that I liked during his ENTIRE campaign, and this was said the night before the election during his interview at halftime of Monday Night Football. He couldn't have been more right then when he said that it was time that college football had a playoff system. If he could just get this one thing to pass and not ruin us on everything else, I just might be OK with his presidency. Unfortunately, I do not think even the president can get a playoff started in college football.

Til next time

(here as I will end each post is the details of my run)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Day before the election LONG Run

Happy election day everyone!

Just giving everyone (or nobody) a quick update on my Long Run last night.

Monday for me is labeled as "Monday Funday Runday" as this the the day of the week that I do my long run each and every week.

Last night I went out for my Weekly Long Run at about 5:30pm. I ended up completing my longest run to date, at a distance of 12.46 miles. I was also pretty happy with my time considering I was not trying for any special time just to complete it and build up my stamina for my FIRST EVER half marathon on February 1st. (my goal for the half is to break 2 hours) I ended up with a time of 2 hours 2 minutes and 38 seconds (a 9:50 pace). Calculating that pace out over the entire 13.1 would be a time of 2 hours 8 minutes and 49 seconds. Which is only about 9 minutes short of my goal time.

This was an interesting run for me as the time has just changed so the vast majority of my run was in the dark while trying to avoid cars. I will say the night time provided a very peaceful backdrop to my run while listening to my iPod. I always enjoy my long runs listening to the podcast Phedippidations. This is a wonderful little podcast by Steve Runner that he does where he gives his "thoughts, opinions, observations, and rambling diatribes during distance long runs". On this run, I listened to episode #159 "Responsible Shoes". Also I spent some time on this run thinking about the election on Tuesday and of course on how things are looking like they might shape out greatly for my beloved Florida Gators football team which is now up to #5 in the latest BCS standings released this week.

Tonight I will be taking off from running as my day of rest after my long run. Instead I will relax at home and keep up with the election results and hope things work out like I want them to.

Here is the detail of my Monday Run straight from my training log at

Hello Everyone

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to give a short welcome to everyone visiting my blog.

My name is Matthew S. and I am new to the blogging world. I am a 29 year old male who has been happily married for 5 years+ now to my adorable little wife Crystal. I also have two wonderful sons, Aaron whom is three years old, and Benjamin, whom is 6 months.

This blog will be about my various running stories, training, and just plain ol' thoughts that go through my head while running.

I hope everyone enjoys.