Friday, November 7, 2008

Thursday Night

Thursday Night Run Stats

Distance - 7.03 Miles
Time - 1:00:43
Pace - 8:38 Min/Mile
Cal Burned - 805

Greetings Fellow Runners!

Well last night I went ahead and ran the identical course to what I ran on Wednesday night. I will say I was pretty consistent. For a seven mile run last nights run was 15 seconds faster then the night befores run.

Again this was a very nice and relaxing run for me and the weather has been super for me lately. I am anxiously getting ready for my first ever half on February 1.

My iPod was tuned to Phedippidations episode 25 "Revolutions and Resolutions" from 1/1/2006.

Maybe one day I can get some fellow members of my Central Florida 5Klub to slowly increase their distances and they can sometime go out for a longer run with me.

During my run, I was thinking about how at work everybody was saying how you can not "relax" when at work. I feel that I am about the only one there whom does not agree with this. I do not get overly stressed (I barely get stressed at all except for when I am watching my beloved Gators play) I know they all think I am crazy, but I think they too could have a little less stress in their day if they would just take up running. Running more then anything seems to both relax the mind and energize the body. Well that is enough philosophy from me for the day

Til Next Time

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