Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wednesday Run

Greetings Fellow Runners!

Here are my Daily Run stats

Distance - 7.03 Miles
Time - 1:00:58
Pace - 8:40 Min/Mile
Cal Burned - 805

Well I went out for a 7 mile run last night. It was a simple out and back course that went from my house out towards the dump and back.

On this run I listened to Phedippidations episode 22 "Gadgets & Gizmos".

I am still learning that I am really enjoying these night runs as they are very peaceful, especially when you combine it with this beautiful weather that we have been having. The worst part about this run was the smell. The smell from the dump was a lot worse then normal. I guess this must be due to the weather getting colder or something, Who knows. Really, all my mind was thinking about on this run was how great it felt to be out there, and how I really do need to start increasing my mileage to about 25 miles per week (at least). Also, I did spend some time thinking at least Obama said 1 thing that I liked during his ENTIRE campaign, and this was said the night before the election during his interview at halftime of Monday Night Football. He couldn't have been more right then when he said that it was time that college football had a playoff system. If he could just get this one thing to pass and not ruin us on everything else, I just might be OK with his presidency. Unfortunately, I do not think even the president can get a playoff started in college football.

Til next time

(here as I will end each post is the details of my run)

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