Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's Been a While

Hello All You Runners Out There (Non Runners are welcome too)

So, It has been a while since I last updated you all. Any of you following me on Twitter you may have been able to keep a little more current on me, but for the rest of you, I will try and update you now.

So, I finally made it in for my fitting for my semi rigid orthotics. As soon as I started taking my shoes off the man says "Man, you have some flat feet" LOL. The casting process was interesting. I was expecting to have to stand in something to make a mold of my feet, but he did not do this. The casting was actually made by using some fiberglass casting tape. I never knew that there was such a thing (but then again, I've never broke any bone and never needed a cast).

I get to go back on Friday the 24th to pick up my orthotics and hopefully they will be great for my feet and help to end any foot or ankle pains I may have been getting.

My training has been going pretty decent lately. I have been logging close to 30 miles a week and my heart rate has even been lower when running the same routes at the same pace as I did in the past.

In two weeks (May 2nd - my son's 1 year birthday) I will be running in the Cleremont Run Around the Lake 12K. Once that run is over I will be heading back home for Ben's 1st birthday party. This should be a fun, busy day. (I bet I'll sleep good that night).

Well, that will end this short update and I will let you all know how my orthotics are doing once I receive them. Again, if for some reason you would like more current update please feel free to follow me on Twitter. My Twitter ID is crazyrunner and you can follow me at this link. Click Here to Follow me

Til Next Time

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bad Feet, Good Run ?

Hellllllllooooooooooooo Nurse! (Animaniacs flashback there)

So..... I had my doctors appointment with the podiatrist this week. The doc said that i have EXTREMELY flat feet, and said that my foot is what they call a "Z Foot". This basically means that my foot goes one way but my toes turn off at an angle (I guess I'm a weirdo). He also said that I could possibly be in early stages of Posterior Tibial Tendinitis, so he wants to see me again in a month. Before leaving he did write me a prescription for some Semi Rigid Custom Orthotics and said that they would benefit me GREATLY. The earliest appointment I was able to set was for Monday, March 13th. He said if I am having any problems in the meantime to continue with my goof friends Advil and Ice. He did say I could go pick up a pair of regular orthotics from a store like Foot Locker or something but they honestly will not do much of anything for me as they are made for people with "normal feet" and that I do NOT have "normal feet". (Didn't we already know that nothing about me was normal?) So, hopefully I should end up receiving my orthotics somewhere around the 20th and that can help me feel better and prevent the problem from getting worse.

Despite the pain, I had a 5K race race scheduled for Saturday (today). With the pain I had been feeling in my feet all week and any regular training runs I had this week resulting in sub par times, I was not expecting the greatest of results.

So, my running group, the 5Klub had a new member join today as my mom completed her first ever 5K event, the Fruitland Park Day 5K.

This was a smaller event that did not have online registartion, so we all opted to register on race day instead of mailing it in. The registration process was slow and did not feel the most organized (probably not the best start to my moms first ever race). But eventually we all were registed and were ready for the race to begin.

At 8am the gun went off and the field of only 125 was starting. Again, I was expecting to run the race in a time of somewhere around 26-27 minutes due to my injury problem. As it turned out though, my foot felt good the entire race and I crossed the finish line in a time of 23:12, setting a new P.R. and finishing in 15th place!!!

After finishing, I took a small cup of water and then turned around to go back onto the course and meet up with my mom and finish the race with her. When I got up to her, she had roughly 1 mile left to go. We crossed the finishline together, as my mom finished her first ever race in a time of 51:17 (I think that was her time).

Counting my mom, 4 members of the 5Klub ran in this race and 3 of us set PRs (the 4th member was only 63 seconds off of his PR). The other cool thing was I got 2nd in my age group and got a silver medal, while 2 of the other members received gold and bronze medals. With this rarity happening for us, we posed for an "Olympic Podium" picture and were then off to Bob Evans for a nice big traditional post race breakfast for all of us.

It is nice to know that one can set a PR in the same week as having foot problems and bad training. I guess this was a pretty good day

Us in our Olympic Medal Podium Picture (Steven-Gold, Me-Silver, Grant-Bronze)

Olympic Podium picture with me and Grant giving tribute to the 1968 Black Power Salute Protest

Me and my mom after the completion of the Fruitland Park Day 5K

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's the Best Month Ever

Hello all my faithful readers (all 3 of you)

Well............... another month has come to an end, and the month of March was a good month for me. Yes the month of March was my most productive month of running yet to date. I finished March with 117.7 miles which is 25.5 more miles then I ran in February! This just gets me singing "The Best Day Ever" from Spongebob Squarepants but replacing Day with Month (yeah, I know I'm a dork, but hey, I have a nearly 4 year old son that loves to watch "Bob Bob" as he says.

Well not a lot has been going on for me since my trip to Cincinnati (hence the amount of time since my last blog post). I have just been trying to stay consistent. I try each week to log right around 30 miles, keep up with my "family" of runners with their blogs and podcasts, and do not forget keep up with my real family also.

I do have a 5K race scheduled for this coming Saturday as I will be running in the Fruitland Park Days 5K. This will be a memorable race for me because it will be the first EVER 5K that my mother will do! I am happy to see that she is getting out there (now if only I can get my dear wife to join me out there, life would be super stellar!) and I will do what I can to make this a successful event for her. I plan on circling back to get her and finish with her after I complete the race.

My feet and ankles have been bothering me lately and I am not sure what it is. I did recently get a new pair of Asics 2130 shoes, but that already is the type of shoe that I had been wearing so I don't see how it could be this. The right foot is hurting the most right around the arch area (what little I have - I have pretty flat feet) and it also hurts above the ankle bone. Actually both feet have been bad, but my right foot is the worst. Normally, when I am out on a run now, my feet are killing me for like the first 15-20 minutes, then after that there appears to be no pain (or it just feels that way cause it has died down so much). I also am not sure why the pain would go away like this once my run is getting established. If anyone has any thoughts on this please let me know. It is not a horrible pain, as it is tolerable, but to be safe, I have an appointment with a podiatrist this afternoon to try and find out what exactly the problem is, and hopefully take care of it before it gets even worse.

I also am excited that this weekend brings the beginning of the MLB season as I am ready to watch my Chicago White Sox play and defend their title as AL Central Champions! Sadly, the Gators basketball season came to and end with a loss in the Elite 8 of the NIT Tournament, but at least Billy Donovan said he is staying at Florida as he turned down Kentucky once again. Also, our best player in Nick Calathes stated that he is entering the NBA Draft, but he is not hiring an agent. Hopefully he will realize he needs a little more work before the NBA and come back for 1 more year. The basketball season ended and the very next day was the first day of Spring Football for the Florida Gators as they start to prepare for their season as they try to go to Pasadena and REPEAT as National Champions!!

Well.......that is enough of me babbling for now.

One last thing, anyone else out there who is into running podcasts please go on over to the Buckeye Outdoors website and join the There Can Be Only One challenge to support your favorite running podcast. This is a challenge where each month they will eliminate podcasts with the least amount of miles logged for them until eventually there is only 1 ULTIMATE podcast left standing. I currently am on the team of 4 Feet Running under my Buckeye account of itisshaggy. Hope to see you all there!