Friday, August 10, 2012

Episode 1 - The Geek Strikes Back

Welcome back all!

I hope that SOME of you have returned after last weeks "intro" episode. LOL - Join The Crazy Runner today as he goes out on a run with you and discusses various topics such as: running, excuses, video games, tv, and other fun things.

The music in today's episode is brought to you by Chameleon Circuit with their song "An Awful Lot of Running".

Hope you enjoy the show! If not you can EXTERMINATE! your listening to it.

Please leave some feedback on your thoughts as there were none last week.

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Friday, August 3, 2012


Hello Everyone!

I am going to attempt this thing one more time! After a long, and I mean a LONG hiatus, I am back once again to try a new show. With how long I was out for from the podcast world instead of continuing The Crazy Runner on, I have decided to start over with a new show to make a new me - let's call it Crazy 2.0. So sit back, and enjoy a sample of a new show. Sorry for the loud noise in the background as I did not realize how loud the dishwasher running in the background would actually be (but hey, as least my dishes are clean now!) Being as this is such a short little thing, and me just rambling without any thought what-so-ever on this (I litteraly just picked up the recorder and proceeded to record at the spur of the moment with no prior thought of even doing the show), I have decided to make this Episode 0 - not 1 (sorry for the run on sentence - that is why I do podcasts, not blogs - LOL)

The music in today's episode is brought to you by Hello Operator from Music Alley amd you can check them out here -

Please give me honest feedback as to anything you may like, dislike, thoughts/ideas for episodes.

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Hope you enjoy!