Friday, August 3, 2012


Hello Everyone!

I am going to attempt this thing one more time! After a long, and I mean a LONG hiatus, I am back once again to try a new show. With how long I was out for from the podcast world instead of continuing The Crazy Runner on, I have decided to start over with a new show to make a new me - let's call it Crazy 2.0. So sit back, and enjoy a sample of a new show. Sorry for the loud noise in the background as I did not realize how loud the dishwasher running in the background would actually be (but hey, as least my dishes are clean now!) Being as this is such a short little thing, and me just rambling without any thought what-so-ever on this (I litteraly just picked up the recorder and proceeded to record at the spur of the moment with no prior thought of even doing the show), I have decided to make this Episode 0 - not 1 (sorry for the run on sentence - that is why I do podcasts, not blogs - LOL)

The music in today's episode is brought to you by Hello Operator from Music Alley amd you can check them out here -

Please give me honest feedback as to anything you may like, dislike, thoughts/ideas for episodes.

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Hope you enjoy!

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