Monday, November 10, 2008

Fridays (short) Run

Greetings Fellow Runners!

Friday tends to be my shorter run day as I get out of work earlier then norm, so I come home and do a "short" run before I go pick up Aaron from daycare.

Run Stats

Distance - 4.52 Miles
Time - 38:08
Pace - 8:26 Min/Mile
Cal Burned - 517

WEEKLY TOTAL - 31.04 Miles

Again, as I said, Friday tends to be my short run day based on time available to run.
Not much else to say on this days boring post other then as always it was a nice enjoyable run with great weather. I ended my Run getting ready for the Gator game on Saturday vs Vanderbilt where they could clinch the SEC East title and hope to move up in the BCS.

(As it turns out, not only did UF win 42-14 and win the SEC East, but Penn St got beat also. This moved UF to #4 in the latest BCS and got rid of another undefeated to help improve their odds of making the title game in Miami this year!)

Here is the run details

Til Next Time


TronWife said...

Dh is from Philly and was not happy that Penn State

Anonymous said...

Wow Matt that picture is great! I am sooooooooo not a UF fan but I'm glad y'all won.... I guess that is the best you are going to get from me.

Oh yeah and 4.5 miles is way to short for you! I'm just saying...

Later-- Marley

TronWife said...

I guess I should have been more specific...I don't mind the running at night part...I don't like running in the dark when it's not a well lit area. We run through a park and part of our path is lit with street lights, but other parts were very dark. It's amazing that even though there are 2 of us, we're not frail little things, we live in a safe area, etc, how vulnerable it made it us feel-which is could just be a chick, but it's one of those things I think we'll go with our gut!