Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Long Time no Blog!

Greetings Fellow Runners!

Long time no blog!

Sorry for the delay since my last blog. I have just not gotten around to it lately.
I also want to get my running back up. Lately, all that I have been running was my one weekly long run.

My November totals ended up being
Total Runs - 8 (that is pitiful)
Total Distance - 71.4 miles
Avg. Speed - 6.3 MPH
Avg. Mile Pace - 9:33 (Remember these were mostly all long runs only)
Cal. Burned - 8,171

Well I did get out for my long run yesterday to get December started out.
Yesterday's Run

Distance - 11.18 miles
Time - 1:51:10
Pace - 9:56 min/mile
Speed - 6.03 MPH
Cal Burned - 1280

Yesterdays run was a nice run. At the begining of the run I was COLD!!! But after going about 1.5-2 miles my body was plenty warm enough and felt great the rest of the entire run. I will emphasize that Jelly Belly Sport Beans sure do wonders to get me through these long runs!

I now am getting ready for my big weekend. This weekend (Saturday) includes the 31st annual Ocala Reindeer Run which is ran down Silver Springs Blvd on the path of the Ocala Christmas Parade and takes place right before it starts. This is a 5K run that is great with awesome fan interaction as the ENTIRE course is lined with tons of spectators. The other nice thing about this run, is that it is so different then every other 5K because 1) it has like no turns. It is pretty much run 1.55 miles out, turnaround and come back. and 2) Unlike every other race, this one starts at 5PM so I do not have to wake up at the crack of dawn for it.

How ironic is it though that even though I love an evening race, this is the 1 time that I wish it was a morning run as it takes place at the same time as the SEC Championship game between my beloved Florida Gators and the Alabama Crimson Tide. This is a HUGE game as it not only will determine the SEC Champion, but also, odds are very good that the winner will be playing on Jan 8 in Miami, FL in the NATIONAL TITLE GAME !!!! So unfortunatly I will miss a good amount of this game (Even though i am TIVOing it)

All righty, well I better wrap this thing up now as I am at work

Til Next Time (which hopefully is not as long as the last time I said that)

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