Friday, December 12, 2008

Fat People Are Harder To Kidnap

Greetings Fellow Runners

I went out on my weekly long run last night to cover a distance of 13.1 miles (or a half marathon). The run started out great and I was feeling super. At around 2 miles in it did start a light sprinkle and was getting very large gusts of wind comming right at me (nothing like hard winds pushing rain onto your face making it hard to even look upward) Luckily, the rain and wind gusts only lasted about a mile or so. After that I was feeling great, and my times at each mile were looking equally as good. I then ran by Hercules fencing on Maricamp. Most people know this place by there interesting quotes on their sign out front. Last night there were two more that were odd and funny. The first one (which was the title of this blog in case the title had anyone confused) was "Fat people are harder to kipnap" and the second one was "Many husband go broke from the money their wives save on sales". These were some interesting quotes that both gave me a little bit of a needed chuckle about 5-6 miles into my run.

At about 7 miles in, things started to get a little worse. My stomach really started to hurt and I needed to use the restroom. After about another mile, I finally ran upon a gas station or my my mind thought about it at this point, "a life saver". Ten minutes later, I was back on the road and was feeling good again.

About a half a mile later, I was running on the shoulder of the road. Apparently, there was a part of the shoulder that was uneven but it was dark outside and I could not tell. My feet got tripped up on this, I twisted my ankle, and then BOTH of my feet flew up about 90 degrees and my entire body was airborne at about waist high. My body fell quickly as I landed directly in the road right on my hand, hip, and shoulder. Man was I hurting here!! After shaking this off for about 30-60 seconds, I knew I had to finish my run even though I still had a good 4-5 miles left to run. I obviously was not running as fast as I was prior to my fall, but all felt OK (or maybe I was just telling myself this as my ankle and hip were both hurting like hell. I kept going though and was gonna finish this thing (not that I had much choice as I forgot my cell phone at home). At around the 12 mile mark I was going into the home stretch and was ready to finish this thing off. I turned a corner, and in the dark I could not see what was in front of me. To my suprise, I ran right through the middle of a huge puddle that was at least a good 6 inches deep. Nothing like running with soaking wet shoes and socks for the last mile of a not so pleasent run! Eventually, I finally got home and my adventure was over. I finished my 13.1 miles in a time of 2:07:18. Not to shabby of a time I felt for having everything happen that did to me. I hope I am well on my way of reaching my 1:59:59 goal I have set for myself at the Ocala Half Marathon on February 1st.

Run Stats

Distance - 13.1 Miles
Time - 2:07:18
Avg. Pace - 9:43 Min/Mile
Speed - 6.17 MPH
Cal Burned - 1,500

Hope you enjoyed the adventure

Til Next Time


TronWife said...

Good job on your time-especially with the mishaps. Hope you're not too sore now.

TronWife said...

Because we usually get this much snow about as often as you do in They are not equipped to properly deal with it. It's taken a week plus for the main highway that runs the length of the island to be cleared. All the other roads are several inches of compact snow and ice. I got in a run on the stinking treadmill today, better than nothing at least.