Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Attack of the Dogs

Greetings Fellow Runners

Well, yesterday was going to be my LSD run day. Howvwer, when getting ready to go out, I could not find any of my running shorts that had pockets (I need pockets during long runs for my Sport Beans and my cell phone). So, without them I decided to go out on a shorter run instead and move back my long run to Wednesday or Thursday.

My run yesterday was a course I have done numerous times and is what I basicly call my "dump run" as I do an out and back course that simply goes from my house out to the dump, and back home totaling 7 miles.

The first 4 miles was going great. Had perfect weather, was super relaxed, and listening to Phedippidations episode #164. However at around the 4 mile mark, I was encountered by a large dog (somewhere around 80 lbs or so). This dog was NOT happy to see me. He came running towards me and was barking up a storm. Once he got a little closer to me, he came to a stop and started growling at me. I obviously had came to a stop at this point. I realized that my blinking safety light did not seem to be helping me get rid of this dog so I turned it off. I started walking VERY slowly to get away from the dog and luckily after about 2-3 minutes I heard someone open their house door and yell at the dog, and he quickly turned and ran back to the house. Now that my heart rate was through the roof, I continued my run, and turned my light back on. With my mind going crazy from the encounter with the dog, I somehow missed a road that I needed to turn on to. Wanting to keep my distance at 7 miles with an accurate time though, I decided to stop my clock and walk back to the road and equally that many steps down the next road (was about 190 steps each way)

The run was finally getting to an end when I ran upon ANOTHER dog. This one was actually in my own neighborhood, but I did not recognize him. He was right at the corner of where the road curves and was barking at me from the other side of the street while giving me the stare down. I decided once again to turn my light off, and I cut through the yard on the corner and slowly made my way past him before sprinting it in home to finish my run.

My finishing stats were:

Distance - 7.05 Miles
Time - 59:26
Avg Pace - 8:25 Min/Miles
speed - 7.12 MPH
Cal Burned - 807

Well hopefully next run my heart can relax a little more and I can run fog free.

Til Next Time

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Lori said...

You run on LSD? you are crazy! maybe you just think you are running but are actually sitting on your couch.

also, you are a pussy I hope you know.

I got attacked by four huge black cats and I didnt turn off my light and run

I kicked them in the head an ran