Monday, December 8, 2008

31st Annual Reindeer Run

Greetings Fellow Runners

I ran in Ocala's 31st annual Reindeer Run on Saturday evening, and to put it nicely, I did HORRIBLE. I finished in a time of 25:55 (PATHETIC). Sadly though, I did finish in 3rd place in my age group (man my age group must have been bad this year) I finished in 3rd in the Male 25-29 year old group out of 8 runners, 138th out of 225 males, and 173rd overall out of 413 runners

My mind was just not in the race as it was totally on the SEC Championship Game in which the Gators beat the Tide and secured a spot in the BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. I also got a VERY VERY BAD side stitch at about the 2 mile mark and it went horrible from there. I guess at this point I have better luck on longer runs.

We did have a lot of phone at the race though as were being stupid and doing group pictures of us all.

Oh well, I shall do better on the next race on January 24th as I run the Daytona 5K directly on the Daytona International Speedway.

Til Next Time.

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TronWife said...

Daytona 5K ON the track?? I'm so jealous!