Sunday, January 18, 2009

Long time no blog (again)

Greetings Fellow Runners

Long time no talk to! I have just not been able to blog lately so I apologize if for any long delays in between blogs.

I have had a lot of distractions keeping me from blogging lately between tons of construction repairs going on with our roof at work and a week of jury duty serving on a murder trial just to name a couple of them

All of this should be over now and hopefully I can start to get back to a normal blog.

I just ordered my new gadget yesterday that I am so anxiously awaiting the arrival of. I finally will be getting my Garmin Forerunner 305!!!!! I am so excited - It should arrive on Wednesday! This will get me it in time before both my Daytona 5K this upcomming Saturday and my Ocala Half Marathon just 8 days after the Daytona race!

I have still been getting in SOME running lately but not nearly the amount that I have wanted to get in. So far for the month of January I am at a total of 30.0 miles. My goal for the year is 1,000 miles which equates to 83.33 miles per month or about 2.7 miles per day. So through 18 days I SHOULD be at 48.38 miles to be on pace for my goal (So as of right now I am currently 18.38 Miles behind pace). I plan on getting a long run in tomorrow though and that should help me catch up a little bit.

So, at least I am consistent ( I am behind in my running AND my blogging). But, hopefully my new toy will get me going a good amount more with some new excitement to add to my runs and some new things to blog about as I have a busy couple of weeks coming up as far as my running schedule goes.

Til Next time


TronWife said...

Can't wait to hear the review of your Garmin!! Your goal for the year is double mine, here's hoping we both reach them! Also can't wait to hear about your Daytona run!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, we have missed you! Let us know how the Garmin works out for you. Keep up with your running and great bloggs!