Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hello Everyone

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to give a short welcome to everyone visiting my blog.

My name is Matthew S. and I am new to the blogging world. I am a 29 year old male who has been happily married for 5 years+ now to my adorable little wife Crystal. I also have two wonderful sons, Aaron whom is three years old, and Benjamin, whom is 6 months.

This blog will be about my various running stories, training, and just plain ol' thoughts that go through my head while running.

I hope everyone enjoys.


Swansong said...

little? I wish!

TronWife said...

Hi Matthew, I'm an online bud of your adorable little wife:) She knows me as Moose from one of the boards. I have to tell you, that you and her make some of the cutest babies around-I loved getting the updates on Aaron, one couldn't help but smile when seeing his big grinning face. And baby Benjamin proves to be following well in big brother's foot steps. Look forward to keeping up to date on your runs.