Thursday, August 5, 2010

Episode XII - Benefits of Coaching

Hello everyone and Welcome to Episode 12!

Go out with me today as I talk to you about my new coach, my "food experiment", my recent training, Team Mojo Loco, and the benefits of having a coach.

I also once again ask for some more feedback as I explain why my original topic for Episode 12 has been delayed, read a blog comment, and play a new voice mail I received for you all to hear from Mr Bubba Simcox!

Here are some links to some mentioned items from the show:

Worldwide Festival of Races

Central Florida 5Klub

Brooks ID

Team Mojo Loco - Independent Relay Team

Maddy Hubbard, Marathon Chris, Steve Runner, Norman Rosenberg, Adam Tinkoff, Eddie Marathon, SamanthaUF - All/most of these people have blogs or podcasts which you should be able to find from these links

Team Sasquatch

The Devoted Runner - he might be able to help with the whereabouts of Bubba!


Today's music was brought to you by Music Alley

"Company of Fools"/"Ordinary Day" Combo - Great Big Sea (Intro/Outro)
"What have you Learned?" - Carbon Leaf

Other song provided today:

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