Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Episode 1 - Welcome!

Episode 1 is FINALLY here. Tune in and listen as I introduce my podcast and give out special thanks to those who helped get The Crazy Runner going (special apologies are given to Adam "The Zen Runner" Tinkoff - as he was also supposed to be thanked, but being episode 1 things can easily be forgotten - he must use his zen power to power some dogs in this episode - LOL. Another thanks to be given to Dirt Dawg for his help in getting this podcast published for everyone to hear


Today's music was brought to you by

"Company of Fools"/"Ordinary Day" Combo - Great Big Sea (Intro/Outro & excerpts)
"Ordinary Day" - Great Big Sea

Sites mentioned during the episode are:

World Wide Festival of Races

Central Florida 5Klub

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RTSAN said...

Great job on the Podcast. Keep them coming!!!

Drusy said...

Hey Matt, I found your podcast on itunes. Great start! Good luck on the Disney Marathon, that should be a good one for your first marathon.

Albert in Nashville said...

Enjoyed the podcast. It was recommended by Gordon so I listened. Looking forward to episode #2. Good luck on your running.