Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Hello Everyone!

Just a short update to let everyone know that the production of my podcast is getting closer and closer. Today I officially ordered my mic and my digital audio recorder! I am so anxious for them to arrive. I feel like a little kid at Christmas time!

I also made a little "hand-drawing" of a logo for the podcast, and a co-worker of mine is helping to make it a digital file and spice it up a little!

Things are comming together nicely, now just to get everything in, start recording and get episode 1 released!

I am about to go home and go out on my 6 mile run today. This is an easier week this week for training as I get 3 days off! It is supposed to be a 6,5,5,6 week. I am however going to move my 6 on Sunday up to 10 since I completely missed my 10 mile long run on week 3. So this week will still only be 26 miles, then next week steps up to 30!

So training is going good, I think the "cough" is pretty much completely gone, and I am excited to get this podcast going!

I will keep everyone updated!

Til Next Time.


Anonymous said...

You go guy we cannot wait to see the Crazy Runner Podcast!
Keep on Runnin ON!
Hey how would that be for a name for your podcast
Runnin on Crazy -- not (bad idea)


Anonymous said...

Where's the pic!!! Just kidding I know my little drawing in pait was pretty darn good for doing it in 5 mins and in PAINT...

I can't wait to hear the podcast!! :)


The Crazy Runner said...

hey, no pic for a reason. It is not a finished project yet. It would be like an artist showin a painting before it is finished :)

your drawing will prob make a blog AFTER the show has been released with a where the logo came from section LOL

Drusy said...

Looking forward to the podcast!

Drusy said...

Looking forward to the podcast!