Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Random Pics

Here are a few random pics from one of my recent runs where I ran from my house to the Santos Trailhead, a loop in there, and then back home. Hope you enjoy!

Don't mind the picture quality as these were taken with my phone instead of my regular digital camera

I came upon him on my run to the trail. As I took my phone out to take the picture of him, he walked right up to me

Here is the entrance to the Santos Trailhead (actually is a mountain bike trail, but I love to run it) - This is actually a part of the Cross Florida Greenway a trail that runs right through the entire state, coast to coast

Which trail should I take?

Why the yellow one of course (It is the easiest one, and remember these are mountain bike trails, so none of them are that easy on runners)

Here is a quick snap shot of a part of the trail (one of the only parts that actually are in open space not surrounded by trees)

One last picture which I did not take but I figured I would throw in anyways as it is another show of the Santos trailhead taken with a much better camera then my junky little camera phone.


Anonymous said...

Very nice picutres, it kind of reminds me of the horse trails we used to ride in Michigan, and it was called the blue trail that went all the way across Michigan, from shore to shore.
Thanks for sharing!


Pat said...

I love running trails even though I do way more road races than trail races.