Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Hello Everybody! (sung like Charlie on Lost)

Well, today I started doing the one thing that I NEVER thought I would do. I woke up early and ran BEFORE work. I got up a little after 5:30am and went out and completed a 5.5 mile run. I must say that it was much better then I figured it would be. I even had to work until 7pm tonight (2 hours later then normal) and still do not feel exhausted!

I decided to try morning runs for a few different reasons.

1) It is way to hot in the afternoon now as lately when I get home from work the heat index has been around 105! And that just makes for miserable running at a SLOW pace. This morning it was still very humid out, but it was nice because the temperature was only about 75.

2) It rarely rains here in the morning hours but feels like it is always raining in the afternoon with thunderstorms.

3) Wakes me up in the morning allowing me to be more energetic at work and not dragging in rubbing my eyes as I enter the office

4) It allows me to concentrate on my work. When I run after work I feel like I spend half of my day there thinking about my run for the day, how far I will run, mapping out a course for my run, and other various things that prevent me from concentrating on and competing my work.

5) Allows me more time after work to get things done around the house and spend time with my 2 boys other then just going out running.

6) Less traffic on the road making my runs more safe.

I am sure that there are more reason that I have just failed to realize or am not thinking of at this time, but I feel that this list is a plenty big enough reason to start trying it out.

Day 1 was a success for me, now let's just see how the rest of the week goes

Also, one other thing which could be interesting in the future is that my brother in-law said that he wants to start running. He just went out and got some running shoes, now I will do my best to hold him to it. I will gladly help him out and try to bring yet another new runner into the Run Net Community. So I now say in hopes that I don't get sued for copyright infringement (LOL Dan) ERIC, GO RUN!!

Til next time

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