Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm Ba-ack!

Hello once again everyone!

Wow, it sure has been a while since I posted anything new to my blog (partially because my running has been pretty non-existent as of late).

Well, yesterday was my first day of running in over a week, as the last time I ran was on Sunday the 24th. Man, I sure have been a slacker lately. I think it really hurt my running with the combo of my headphones broke and all the non stop rain we got here for like 4-5 days straight (and I got sick of only running on the dreadmill). But now, the weather is clearing up, and I got my new headphones in the mail and I love them. I got the Sennheiser PMX-70's which sell at Target for $50 and I got them on Amazon for only $25 with free shipping!!

Yesterday's run was an interesting run, as it was actually 4 different runs all done consecutively with no breaks in between. First I went out for my normal run and got back to the house after about 4.5 miles. Then (after listening to Phedippidations episode 188 talk all about running with dogs), I felt like taking one of my dogs out for a short 1/2 mile run. Well, she was running so good and fast that the 0.5 mile run turned into a 1.1 mile run. Upon returning home with her, I realized my other two dogs were extremely JEALOUS. So I took each of them out on separate runs (not as long - because they do not run as well as the other) totaling my 3 dog runs at 2 miles. So for the day I did a total of 6.53 miles in a time of 64 minutes.

Overall, the run felt good, and I felt great to once again hit the road. The worst part of the run is that now both of my feet obtained blisters on the inside of the foot right at the arch. I am not sure if this is due to the fact of running 6.5 miles after not running for a good 9-10 days , my new custom orthotics rubbing my feet badly, or both. Hopefully it is the first, but we shall see from future runs how my feet feel. Right now they have band-aids on them and feel fine.

Due to my lack of running, I did decide to skip the 5K race this past Saturday as I truly did not feel best prepared to run the race and did not feel like spending $20 on a race I was not prepared for.

I also have spent the past couple days catching up on my running podcasts and was sad to find out that one of my favorites in Trilogy Running appears to be have came to an end. I hope this is not true and they do continue they show as it is great listening to Shawn and Jason as their podcast is different then all of the others out there as they humor is great and they do push the envelope. This just makes their podcast even better! I will not get into the details of their leaving, but hopefully they will return.

So, the month of May ended up being a pretty bad month for me in running as I only totalled 68.3 miles (a good 45 miles less then April) bringing my year to date total up to 447.7 through 5 months. This puts me on pace to finish the year with 1,074 miles and surpassing my goal of 1,000 for 2009. I expect June to be a much better month and to once again get back to how March and April were and pass over 100 miles for the month.

I was going to go on about what I decided that I want to do for my future long term dream goal, but this blog entry is getting a little long so I will leave that for my next entry (which will not take a month to put out like this one did). How is that for suspense - LOL

Til Next Time

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