Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Various Photos From Cincinnati

Where I went each night After a Long Day
The real reason for the trip (Work)

Practice field for the Cincinnati Bengals

Paul Brown Stadium (home of the Cincinnati Bengals)
Leaving Ohio and Entering Kentucky on a run
Same Run, leaving Kentucky and coming back to Ohio
Paul Brown Stadium from across the Ohio River

Great American Ballpark and US Bank Arena across the river

more of Great American Ballpark (hey, I love baseball and it's my companies park)

across the river and under a bridge
view at night of Fountain Square
picture taken from the "Purple People Bridge"
looking over the river at Kentucky
look at Frank Robinson swing that bat
Joe Nuxhall sure was an icon in Cincinnati
another view of Mr Robinson
Here's the pitch................
my companies Stadium
view from across the street
Side of my hotel (The Cincinnatian Hotel - built in 1882)


Pat said...

I saw one of your Disney Running forum posts; Disney was my first marathon in 2000. Signed up for the Goofy challenge in 2010. Nice Cincy pics; I ran the Flying Pig 1/2 there in May 07 (we crossed a few bridges and ran in KY some in the first few miles of the race). Good luck with your marathon training!

Anonymous said...

What up Matt!!! I'm just saying that I had a way better room in the hotel a couple of years ago then you did.. LOL I go a big suite!!

I still can't believe that you did not get a picture of the people going to the Elton John concert... I'm guessing it was priceless!