Sunday, February 15, 2009

Short Update

Greetings Fellow Runners

Well February is half gone now, and my running has been pretty decent and very consistent so far.

So far for the month I am at 47.2 miles with 8 runs. Each of the 2 weeks have been 1) 23.65 miles and 2) 23.51 miles. This puts me on pace for 94 miles for the month, which would be the most I have ever ran in a month. So far for the year I am at 104.3 miles, which is behind on my goal of 1,000 for the year - BUT I WILL CATCH UP!!

I would like to give to shout out and thanks to Nik and Dan over at 4 Feet Running. On their recent episode of their podcast (Episode 54) they read from my Ocala Half Marathon race report and put a link to my blog in their show notes at In case you are unfamiliar with Nik and Dan or 4 Feet Running, they are a husband and wife who produce their own running podcast. Their show is great show. The 2 of them are hilarious and there show is very entertaining while also adding insight into the sport of running. If you have not already, I highly recommend that you head over to and check out the blog and podcast OR go to iTunes and subscribe to their podcast there - You will not be disappointed!

Well after recently talking to my friends in Tennessee and finding out that they are both planning on running their first ever full marathon in January at the Disney Marathon, I have decided that I too will join them and also attempt to run my first ever full marathon.

If anyone has any training tips or advice for me on my first ever marathon please do not hesitate to let me know.

Well all, that will do it for this entry as I will keep you updated on future training and events.

Til Next Time

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